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Pretty pictures from qEEGs and what they show.

Monday, August 22nd, 2011

As written by Rick Neubrander

Face it, we all like pretty pictures. Nice even colors. Symmetry. No jagged lines. The beauty of a grassy hill. Well, this post is going to be all about pretty pictures.

Many parents come to me and ask, “How do I know if a treatment works? What proof do you have other than an anecdotal story?”  This is where we can show them some of the information we have gathered using qEEG scans.

A qEEG is an EEG which is compared against a database of “normal” EEGs and a graph (pretty pictures) is made showing standard deviations from normal. A normal qEEG would be colored green. Those sections of the brain having too much activity would move towards red. Areas of under-activity would move towards blue. Areas of the brain that do not connect properly are graphed as lines. The thicker the line, the more severe the problem. Therefore, for this first blog all you need to know to be certified as an expert in QEEG interpretation is that GREEN IS GOOD – LINES ARE BAD!

The pictures you will see are drawn over the image of a head. As you look at each “head map”, remember that you are looking down from above. Because the pictures are so small to see clearly, note that the little bump at the top of each picture is the nose and the bumps on the sides represent the ears. As you look at the pictures, you will see that there are five rows and five columns. The meaning of each of these rows and columns is something that we will discuss in more detail in future posts. For now, all you have to know is that a “Q” is looking for several different types of abnormalities in each of these five rows and five columns. These abnormalities will be represented by colors other than green and lines that are either red or blue.

Remember that green is good and lines are bad. Therefore, the qEEG shown below is that of a fairly “normal” brain. A peaceful picture.



The next picture is a common qEEG pattern seen in children with autism.  The picture is filled with ragged reds and blasé blues. It is a picture filled with many angry red and blue lines.


I will, over several blog entries, show some qEEGs in a Before and After Format. To start,  I will post a before and after picture of a child doing our 6 week “trial” of MB12. The left side of the picture is the “before” image and the right is the “after” image. This “Q” is of a child using our MB12 every 3 day protocol during which absolutely no other changes were allowed other than the addition of methyl-B12. Improvements were evident in the areas of language, cognition, and socialization. Notice the reduction of the reds and the greening of the blues. Finally look at the loss of the problematic lines.


Aaahhh, we all like pretty pictures, especially pictures of success stories.  In the picture that follows, you will see a before picture that demonstrates the blank stare so many children on the autism spectrum share. We call this look “Autism Eyes”. Then, for many kids, after they are treated for medical issues by the biomedical methods we use, we get a different look that we call “Autism Byes”.


Hopefully these articles will let you see that biomed is not voodoo science but has actual reproducible scientific evidence of benefit. Stay tuned. More pretty pictures to come!