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Why are we so sick in this age of modern medicine?

Wednesday, August 3rd, 2011

A man questioning why sickness is so prevalent in todays society

Welcome to Dr. Neubrander’s biomedical blog for a sick society!

Along with a new website, we have decided to put out a blog that will post information about the various biomedical treatments that we have found useful in our practice. This blog will not only address treatments for autism, but I intend to post articles that will address other issues that demonstrate biomedicine’s benefit in restoring health.

Our society is sick! When I grew up, I did not know of one person with autism, peanut allergy, or asthma. Now in almost any classroom, teachers will have a child with at least one of the above issues. Autism has risen steadily at alarming rates since the mid to late 80s. Asthma has also increased at an astounding rate. Schools today have had to ban any peanut products since there now exists such a high statistical chance that a student could enter into anaphylactic shock.  What is happening to us as a society? Why has sickness increased so much when modern medicine has “progressed” so much?

There are so many theories as to why this is happening. I have several opinions I think may contribute to the current rise, but as they are opinions this blog will not be used to discuss matters that as of today cannot be proven one way or another. Instead, this blog will be used to discuss how our health can be affected using biomed.

Going forward, we will attempt to bring articles to your attention that discuss how a treatment can affect your child both positively and  if any side effects are noted. We will also welcome suggestions on articles you would like to see the doctor address. I intend to post one to two articles a month.

This first post is an introduction. Please share your  thoughts so that we can make this site a useful tool for each of you.