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In 2002 Dr. Neubrander accidentally discovered that the methyl form of the B12 family-methyl-B12"- greatly helps children on the autism spectrum when used correctly. His protocols are now used by thousands of practitioners worldwide and parents universally say that methyl-B12 is one of the best treatments they have for their child. In 2005 Dr. Neubrander began using hyperbaric oxygen therapy for children with autism and other neurodevelopmental disorders. He has developed unique diagnostic protocols that allow parents to document "undeniable changes" from this form of therapy when used correctly. Dr. Neubrander uses essentially all of the biomedical diagnostic and treatment tools commonly in use today by those considered leaders in this field. In addition to the biomedical treatments, his clinic uses QEEG-directed neurofeedback, and works closely with leading specialists in the field of speech and language, sensory and auditory issues, feeding difficulties, etc.