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Articles about PANDAS:
Signs and Symptoms for PANDAS
  • Obsessions (e.g., preoccupation with a fixed idea or an unwanted feeling, often accompanied by symptoms of anxiety)
  • Compulsions (e.g., an irresistible impulse to act, regardless of the rationality of the motivation)
  • Choreiform movements (e.g., milk-maid grip, fine finger playing movements in stressed stance)
  • Emotional lability (e.g.,irritability, sudden unexplainable rages, fight or flight behaviors) (66%)
  • Personality changes (54%)
  • Age inappropriate behaviors particularly regressive bedtime fears/rituals (50%)
  • Separation anxiety (46%)
  • Oppositional defiant disorder (40%)
  • Tactile/sensory defensiveness (40%)
  • ADHD, fidgetiness, or inability to focus (40%)
  • Major Depression (36%)
  • Daytime urinary frequency/enuresis (12%)
  • Anorexia (particularly fear of choking, being poisoned, contamination fears, fear of throwing up)