Specializing in MB12
HBOT & Neurofeedback

Originally from central Florida, I moved to New Jersey in order to further pursue education in the field of Health Sciences. I transferred into Seton Hall Universityís program for Physician Assistant graduate studies in 2006 and also began employment at Dr. Neubranderís clinic, where I primarily helped contribute via the Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) aspect of patient recovery as a hyperbaric oxygen chamber technician. I also became invested in the process of patient improvement as a Neurofeedback technician. After receiving a Masterís degree in Physician Assistant studies from Seton Hall University and attaining national PA certification, I joined the ranks of healthcare providers at Dr. Neubranderís office who are devoted to the treatment and recovery of patients on the autism spectrum, as well as those who are affected by similar symptoms from other neurodevelopmental disorders and comorbid conditions commonly associated with these types of disorders.